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Thermal imaging integration intelligent high-speed pan tilt camera HH-RC

Thermal imaging integration intelligent high-speed pan tilt camera

Thermal imaging integration intelligent high-speed pan tilt camera HH-RC
  • Brand Name:MINGHUI
  • Model Number:HH-RC
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    l         Boasts the world’s most advanced third-generation uncooled VOx infrared focal plane array(FPA) with 320×240 pixels;

    l         Affords outstanding image quality and thermal sensitivity that can detect temperature difference less than or equal to 85mK (or <35mK at f/1);

    l         With a detection range over 500m, the thermal imaging high speed P/T/Z is able to generate well-defined images in full darkness, haze and smog;

    l         The infrared thermal imager and the camera perform around-the-clock monitoring through video switch. The built-in heater ensures the display can show perfect monitoring images even in chilly and extremely harsh  environments;

    l         Robust protection for their critical parts meets the standard of US military Mil-Std-810 and IP66,.which is Moisture-resistant and waterproof, the both components work well within the temperature range -32°C~+55°C;

    l         Unlimited 360° pan and 180°  tilt range guarantee nonexistence of dead-spots;

    l         6 cruising tracks and 128 preset positions;









    Sensor Type

    Uncooled LWIR Thermal Imager,VOx Microbolometer

    Sensor Format



    Spectral Band

    7.5 ~ 13.5μm

    Field of View

    14°×11°,50mm lens

    20°×15°,35mm lens

    27.8°×20.9°,25mm lens

    36°×27°,19mm lens

    18°×14°),19mm lens

    IFoV2 (milliradians)

    0.760 mrad(50mm lens)

    1.086 mrad(35mm lens)

    1.520mrad(25mm lens)

    2 mrad(19mm lens),

    range performance

    Object 2.3m×2.3m

    Detection approx 2.2km

    Detection approx 1.6km

    Detection approx 1.1km

    Detection approx 880m


    Detection approx 780m

    Detection approx 560m

    Detection approx 430m

    Detection approx 310m

    NEdT Performance

    < 85 mK at F/1.6;

    Analog Video

    8.3 Hz (PAL)


    Factory-set at infinity focus; lens thread mount allows focus adjustment

    Electronic zoom

    Image processing

    Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE).

    Mechanism Parameter

    Pan range


    Tilt range

    +90°~ -90°

    Manual pan speed


    Manual tilt speed


    Preset pan speed


    Preset tilt speed


    Preset positions & cruising tracks

    128 presets (Max), 6 tracks


    Multi-protocol, Baud rate from 2400Bps to 19200Bps for optional, RS485 control

    Autopan speed


    Intelligent startup time


    Aarm Into


    Alarm Output


    Power supply

    AC24V±10%   Iin≥2.5A





    Relative humidity


    Work temperature


    IP grade






















    The night and severe weather conditions goal monitoring

    Night, need to visible light work equipment is already can not work normally, if using artificial lighting, it's easy to expose goal. If you use light night vision devices, it also work in visible light, still needs outside light lighting. And infrared thermal camera is passive infrared radiation of the target itself to accept, day or night all can work normally, and also will not expose yourself. Also in the rain and fog of bad weather conditions, due to the wavelength of visible light short, to overcome obstacles ability difference, thus observation effect is poor, but infrared wavelengths longer, especially the work on the 8-14 um thermal camera, through the rain and fog ability strong, so in the night, and a severe weather conditions, using infrared thermal imaging monitoring equipment can still normal to all sorts of target monitor.


    Fire monitoring

    Because of the infrared thermal camera is a reflection of the surface temperature and imaging equipment, so in addition to the night scene monitoring can be used as the use, also can serve as an effective fire alarm equipment, in large areas of the forest, the fire is often not obvious by YinHuo cause. With the existing ordinary method, it is very difficult to find the hidden fire symptom. And the use of infrared thermal camera can quickly find these YinHuo effectively, and can determine the accurate fire site and scope, and through the smoke of ignition found, do it early know early prevention, early put out.

    Camouflage is in case of visible light observation is given priority to, the criminals commit crime, it is common and the trees of the forest is hidden in the grass, due to the wild environment of poor and visual illusion, easy to produce the wrong judgment. Infrared thermal camera is passive accept their own goal thermal radiation, the human body and the temperature of the vehicle and infrared radiation generally are far larger than the temperature of the vegetation and infrared radiation, therefore not easily disguise, also is not easy to have a wrong judgment


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